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Cabinetry Furniture Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Cork has crafted some truly stunning and individual bespoke cabinets, sideboards, display cabinets, multimedia and television entertainment cabinets. When it comes to custom made, made-to-measure or bespoke cabinets, Jonathan really can make you anything you require to your specified height, width, depth, style and finish to suit any budget. Following your initial enquiry, Jonathan will discuss your project details and requirements. Since cabinetry is such a large portion of the average kitchen or bath project budget, understanding all the options is critical.

Cabinetry Furniture Cork with Jonathan Evans offers an “at home” service to answer any questions that you may have. When choosing the right wood for your project Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Cork understands the need to learn as-much-as possible about the type of wood that you will choose for your cabinetry project. Whether you live in a rural country cottage or in the heart of the city, the look and feel of your room will be influenced by the natural characteristics of the wood that you will choose.

Cabinetry Furniture Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Cabinetry Furniture Cork Projects

When choosing wood, it all comes down to three important details: Type, Colour and Grain.

All woods can be classified as hard or soft. Hardwood comes from broad-leafed trees such as birch, oak, maple, and cherry. Softwood comes from needle-bearing evergreen trees such as pine, spruce and cedar.

From the light touches of maple to the darker hues of cherry, all woods have natural colour variations even within the same tree. The inherent natural colours and variations result in a number of beautiful possibilities for your room. While finishes can either enhance or mask the material’s colour variations, it’s important to understand the natural colour characteristics and variations of wood to make sure you’re selecting a wood that will be right for your home. To understand these beautiful variations and select one that you will love Jonathan is there to help.

Grain refers to the overall alignment, texture and various patterns that appear in your wood. As every tree has distinct grain patterns and markings, each piece of wood from that tree will have its own unique design.

Some basic grain descriptions include:

  • Fine: Inconspicuous or invisible patterns
  • Straight: Straight, vertical patterns
  • Cross: Lines that run parallel to the sides of the wood
  • Spiral: Tornado or funnel-like patterns
  • Wavy: Wave-like patterns
  • Curly: Circular patterns
  • Arch: Inverted U or V patterns

When creating a specific look and feel for your room, you’ll want to understand some of the different types of wood used to build cabinetry:

Maple is a medium to hard wood with a straight, wavy or curly grain. Popular for its shock resistance and durability, maple has a light, uniform appearance that produces a smooth, clean look when stained. Another plus is that it can also be finished to resemble other, more expensive hardwoods and softwoods such as cherry and cedar. Maple is a great choice for a light, airy kitchen or a dramatic kitchen with darker finishes.

Oak is a very hard, heavy wood with a coarse grain that varies from straight to a distinctive sweeping arch pattern. Found in both red and white varieties, oak is a great cabinetry choice because it is timeless, blending beautifully with many different design styles. And it stains well in standard finish colours.

Birch is a smooth hardwood with straight, wavy or curly grains with a high shock resistance that takes any stain well. Birch is mostly a light-coloured wood, and varies from cream to light yellow. However, the wood found in the center of the tree, or heartwood, takes on a darker reddish brown colour, which may result in unique colour variations in your cabinetry. It is versatile and can achieve any look, from a more casual space to a refined setting.

Cherry is well known for its smooth grain and unique colour that mellows and deepens as it ages. This “mellowing” effect is enhanced by exposure to bright light and, depending on the amount of exposure, will tend to darken several shades over time. Considered a luxury wood due to its expensive price, cherry has pinkish-brown hues and occasional shades of white, green, or grey. Its dark colour brings a warm elegance to any room.

Samples can be brought for your perusal in the comfort of your own home.

The size and style of the room where the project is to placed can be taken into consideration. Jonathan can then design a bespoke cabinet and presents clients with hand drawn details of the proposed cabinet or units. Jonathan also gives clients a detailed quotation of the proposed cabinet project with highly competitive prices, as he does not have expensive showroom overheads and passes on his trade discounts to all clients.

Jonathan can design a bespoke cabinet to be free standing, wall mounted or fitted. Bespoke cabinet finishes include wood or wood veneered materials, that can be left natural or stained to enhance its natural elegance, mdf, which can be painted to blend in seamlessly with your existing decoration or with vinyl wrapped, vacuum sealed post form doors, which are approved by Fira and come with a five year manufacturer’s guarantee. Jonathan can include colour co-ordinated shelves, glass shelves, mirrored or glass backed cabinets to enhance the display properties of your bespoke cabinet.

Cabinetry Furniture Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Jonathan ensures shelves have the correct weight capacity for its intended use and can fit shelves into a fixed position, ensuring the spacing between shelves meets clients’ needs. Also he can design shelves to have flexible fitting positions. Jonathan can install castors, decorative furniture feet or a co-ordinating plinth to the bottom of a cabinet.

The cabinet doors Jonathan fits can be sliding, retractable or hinged with a choice of traditional cabinet hinges, soft closing hinges or powered hinges for a more luxurious feel. Jonathan also fits cabinet locks where required to increase security of anything stored inside.

When it comes to semi-custom cabinets Jonathan can demonstrate creativity and flexibility. Partly stock and partly custom, you get many more features than stock cabinetry with a shorter lead time than custom or bespoke. Since construction begins once the order is finalized, the cabinets are somewhat built to suit with a wide selection of doors and finishes.

Cabinetry Furniture Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Jonathan includes forward thinking storage ideas within his bespoke cabinets. Plasma or LCD televisions can be disguised as a bookcase or storage cupboard and with the flick of a switch your television pops up out of the cabinet. Vertical sliding doors are a further quirky method of concealing high value possessions, such as plasma and LCD televisions, which when fitted on a hinged bracket can be viewed regardless of the position of the cabinet within a room. A safe can also be concealed within other bespoke cabinets, to give the impression of a piece of furniture, without revealing what is really inside.

Jonathan can integrate lighting and electrical sockets into cabinets and will liaise with an electrician of your choice or with a local independent electrician ensuring the project runs smoothly. Cabinetry Furniture Cork with Jonathan Evans offers a wide range of wood and paint finishes in all types of traditional and contemporary styles.

He can provide you with all of your bespoke furniture needs, which may include:

    • Alcove Units
    • Entertainment units
    • Book, CD and DVD Storage Units
    • Display Units
    • Home Offices
    • Bedroom Furniture
    • Radiator Cabinets

The benefit of bespoke furniture is that it is built to meet the requirements of your room and is designed and crafted with your instruction to ensure that the finished project meets with your expectation. Custom made or bespoke cabinets with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Cork can match any colour and have almost no style or fit limitations.

Examples of bespoke Cabinetry Furniture Cork that Jonathan has completed can be seen by clicking here.

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