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Attic Conversions Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery

Are you considering converting your attic space?

Attic Conversions Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland offers you a complete solution in converting your attic to a living space, playroom, home office or multi media entertainment room. Jonathan offers a complete attic conversion package, from design through to planning and construction. Jonathan Evans provides a professional service with high standards of craftmanship that will exceed your expectations.

Attic Conversions Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Jonathan believes the attic is unused storage space or potentially another room of a property where there should be easy access. This can be achieved by the installation of a fixed Attic Stairs. If you want to gain more attic storage space then a fixed Attic Stairs gives you access to the unused space allready in your home. Jonathan can assist in the production and installing of top quality fixed Attic Stairs. Jonathan will endeavour to match every detail of your existing stairs.

Making the most of the space that you already have is the perfect solution to your storage and living space problems. Jonathan is of the opinion that every attic project is different and therefore can design and install a unique custom made or bespoke attic conversion solution.

Attic Conversions are the ideal way forward. Converting that unused space into a prime bedroom or storage area can give you that extra living space you have been craving as well as increasing value to your property.

Attic Conversions Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Cork has the expertise to convert attic space, fit velux roof windows, install fixed attic stairs, fit attic flooring and fibreglass, rockwool, kingspan attic with insulation.

Following your enquiry, Jonathan will visit your property to discuss the Attic Conversion or Attic project. When designing Attic Solutions, Jonathan considers the style of the property, the style of the attic and your specific design preferences.

Cost and establishing a budget are essential when planning for your attic conversion project.

Attic conversion is the most convenient and cost effective of gaining more space in your home. Costs are much lower than building an extension or moving home. The final cost of your attic conversions project will depend on several factors: its size, its complexity, the amount of and reconstruction you need, and the quality of the materials, fixtures, and appliances that you will install. Although it’s difficult for a client to anticipate all expenses in advance, the best way to estimate attic conversions costs is to be thoroughly familiar with your project and all its elements. If you request specific items such as specialty materials or products by brand name, you will make your estimates more accurate. By substituting less expensive materials or by eliminating portions of the project you can lower attic conversions costs if budget dictates.

Attic design and structure

All structural work is carried out to comply with current building regulations.

Converting attics and insulation

Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Cork use superior insulation, Kingspan or Xtratherm board between rafters and exterior walls which complies with the current Building Energy Rating (BER). Jonathan believes it is imperative to use the best quality insulation to maintain the structural integrity of your roof.

Attic conversion cost

Attic Conversions Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787Attic conversion cost is an investment and increases the value of your property. Upgrading your home by converting your attic to living area will increase the value of your property and make your home more attractive to prospective buyers if you decide to sell. Each project increases home value at a different rate, however. For example, adding a bathroom is one of the most valuable improvements you can make. According to annual surveys of building contractors and real estate agents, a new bathroom can recoup more than 90 percent of the costs of construction. With an increasing number of people working in their homes, the home office is another high-value project, recovering more than 70 percent of construction costs.

Attic conversions Cork and planning permission

Under normal circumstances there is no planning permission required but don’t take our word for it. Contact your local planning department by telephone and get their perspective if you are unsure. The installation of roof windows, among other attic conversion changes, can have a bearing on whether planning is required or not.

Jonathan can design Attic conversion solution for you. He will provide a detailed quotation with a highly competitive price, as he does not have expensive showroom overheads and passes on his trade discounts to all clients.

Jonathan can recommend a local independent registered electrician or will liaise with an electrician of your choice. The options with Attic Conversions are varied.

You can see some Attic Conversions Cork projects completed by Jonathan by clicking here.

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Attic Conversions Cork with Jonathan Evans Carpentry Joinery Tel: 086-2604787

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